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Free Consumer Awareness Guide: 7 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service.

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At The Office Cleaners our focus is YOU!

We understand that managing, instructing and babysitting a cleaning service is probably the lowest item on your list of priorities. That’s why we’ve perfected a commercial cleaning system that removes the worry and let YOU get back to what’s important in your life.

Here’s how The Office Cleaners removes the worry and anxiety that comes with hiring a cleaning service once and for all.

  • Test drive us for 30 days – Want to be 100% sure you picked the right commercial cleaning service? The Office Cleaners make it easy by offering a 30-day test drive of our office cleaning to all new clients. The Office Cleaners are your janitorial super heroes removing janitorial buyers remorse on office at a time.
  • You’re only visited by uniformed, Insured, background checked employees (that means not subcontracted), outfitted with individual ID badges. Why? So YOU know EXACTLY who is in your building at all times.
  • A cleaning report card is completed on each and every visit. Can’t seem to figure out exactly what your janitorial service has been cleaning? Don’t worry, we’ve solved this problem once and for all. Expect a detailed report to be left at the end of each and every cleaning visit detailing exactly what was done.
  • We believe in creating clients for life – Once you become a client, we’ll work very hard to impress you on each and every cleaning visit so you’ll keep smiling again and again. Check out Our PhilosophyThe Office Cleaners is committed to creating champion clients who swear by us, stay with us and refer us. We do this by always searching for new ways to exceed their expectations. Good is never good enough, we are a constant work in progress.
  • Are you concerned with seeing new faces cleaning your office every week? That scares us too. We are committed to retaining our employees by treating them with respect, paying them well, and providing them with a happy and rewarding place to work.

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